Roti Makers

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Roti Maker WF-6512

Rs 5,650.00

Roti Maker WF-6514T

Rs 7,850.00

Roti Maker WF-6516

Rs 7,500.00

Roti Maker WF-6513

Rs 5,940.00

Roti Maker at The Best Price

Rotimatic is an automated kitchen appliance that makes flatbread. Electric roti makers are the most common type of appliances used in kitchens. Some of these roti makers can also be used to cook other flatbread items like croissants and pancakes. One of the most eaten kinds of bread through the subcontinent, making roti maker a huge market online and at stores. the invention of this device has made making rotis easier, whether it is a gathering or a dinner at your place, there's no need to order roti from some random restaurant rather you can make more rotis at home with ease. from 1200 to 3800, roti makers cost depends upon the amount of rotis prepared at one time. customers can now buy roti makers online through hitech stores. We provide premium quality products upto the satisfaction of the customers. Not only this, the site includes a full manual on how to operate such a device so that the customers can make the most out of it. Roti makers are growing day by day and it can be predicted that they might replace normal stove roti in the near future. The best thing is there is no big difference between the stoved roti and the one from the roti maker.