Room Heaters

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Fan Heater WF-5148

Rs 7,200.00 Rs 6,480.00

Fan Heater WF-5147

Rs 7,200.00 Rs 6,480.00

Fan Heater Fan Heater WF-5146

Rs 7,000.00 Rs 6,300.00

Halogen Heater WF-5308

Rs 8,300.00 Rs 7,470.00

Fan Heater WF-5144

Rs 7,000.00 Rs 6,300.00

Sun Heater WF-5307

Rs 12,200.00 Rs 10,980.00

Fan Heater WF-5145

Rs 7,000.00 Rs 6,300.00

Online Room Heaters

Buy Room Heaters at the Lowest Price in Pakistan, because we will soon experience chilly weather and start bringing out items that keep us warm, such as sweaters, shawls, jackets, mufflers, and so on. Winter is approaching. When it's cold outside and you're annoyed by how cold it feels inside, the heater is the only practical option. Whether you have central heating in your home or not, it is a fact that heaters can actually make winter simpler for you.

There are different types of heaters that you can buy only from that is;

  • A fan heater is one that forces air over a hot element, heating the air and warming the room as a result.
  • Standing heaters are floor-standing electric heaters that offer consumers more flexibility because they may be moved to the location where guests are seated or according to your needs.

In our inventory of household appliances, heaters have a very large stage; in our featured category, we have all sizes of heaters on display, from little to large, from oil to fan heaters. For the greatest one of your choosing at low rates in Pakistan, look out to our website.