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DDW 1485 G INV

Rs 94,000.00

DDW 1480 I INV

Rs 91,000.00

DDW 1350 S

Rs 82,000.00

Dishwasher at The Best Price in Pakistan

A dishwasher is one of the most practical and beneficial electronic appliances for kitchens overall. The dishes and pots to wash after a delicious meal are a big source of stress, and if you have a large family, it will be even more stressful. However, kitchen dishwashers make it possible for you to handle this chore quickly and effectively. Dishwashers definitely consume less water and energy than hand washing your dishes. Dishwashers come in the following kinds;

Integrated Dishwashers

It is the most popular kind; they have a roomy two-rack arrangement. To set wash settings, utilize the dial buttons on basic models. Modern models come with cutting-edge features like touch screens with adjustable temperatures.

Miniature Dishwashers

These are typical dishwashers, which are smaller than other dishwashers of the same size. Countertop dishwashers, portable dishwashers, and Thin and light dishwashers are examples of compact dishwashers.

Dishwashers in Drawers

It is the most recent dishwasher release available. These compact dishwashers allow you to swiftly wash small loads without wasting water or electricity. Double drawer dishwashers can be used to wash more dishes.