Air Fryers

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Air Fryer (WF-5254)

Rs 16,500.00

Easy Air Fryer XL WF-5257

Rs 20,300.00

Air Fryer WF-5255

Rs 16,500.00

Air Fryer WF-5256

Rs 16,500.00

Best Online Deals For Air Fryer

An air fryer is an air-tight, usually small electrical appliance used for quick cooking of foods using convection currents circulated by the help of a fan. It doesn't fry food items, rather it is an alternative to cooking deep-fried items, providing the customer's required crunch without the use of much oil. Things like mozzarella sticks, tater tots, frozen fries, and nuggets work well when cooked using an air fry. Hitect store provides its customers with best online airfryer deals. The price of an air fryer ranges from 9000 to 20000, with the advancement in performance with the increase in Pakistan. The best air fryer deals include Philips air fryer, Dawlance air fryer, and Tefal air fryer all of which are cost-efficient and a treat for those who want to save money. An air fryer can aid its customers in weight loss as now they can purchase this product and enjoy their favorite fry foods without the guilt of gaining weight and consuming too much oil. There's no need to compromise on the health and crispness of food, just visit the Hitech store and find deals which are at the best prices and lower than expected. Philips, Haier, and dawlance play a monopoly in selling air fryers.